When Is The Weather Update Coming To Fortnite?

Many people have been asking when the weather update is coming to Fortnite. Here’s what we know so far.

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Weather was first introduced in Chapter 2: Season 3 of Fortnite and later removed in Chapter 2: Season 4. The weather update includes different types of storms, tornadoes, and flooding. It also introduces a new game mechanic where players can build sandcastles on the beach. The weather update is set to return in the next season of Fortnite.

Seasonal Updates

With every new season in Fortnite, comes a new Battle Pass with 100 tiers of awesome rewards to unlock, including new outfits, emotes, back blings, pets and pickaxes. Players will also find new item types added to the game like letters and gnomes.

Weather Updates

Since the release of the v7.40 update on January 16, 2019, Epic Games has been gradually adding more and more hinting at the arrival of a “weather” system in Fortnite Battle Royale. There are now several different types of weather that can be seen in-game, each with its own effects on gameplay. Here’s everything we know about Fortnite’s weather so far.

Fortnite’s Battle Royale

The Season 3 Battle Pass for Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode is here, and that means a whole host of new challenges to complete. One of the new challenges for Week 2 tasks players with finding the Weather balloons scattered around the map, and then using an explosive weapon to destroy them.

Fortnite’s Save The World

Fortnite’s “Save The World” mode is finally getting a much-anticipated overhaul, and part of that overhaul includes an entirely newweather system. The new weather system will not only change the way the game looks, but also how it plays.

Fortnite Creative

Fortnite Creative is a mode where players can create and design their own islands. It was introduced in Season 7 of the game. One of the many features that can be found in Fortnite Creative mode is the ability to change the weather. This can be done by using a game controller to edit the island.

The weather can be changed to four different settings: Sunny, Rainy, Snowy, and Foggy. Each setting has its own unique weather effects. For example, when it’s sunny, the sky will be clear and there will be a bright sunbeam shining down from above. When it’s rainy, players will see raindrops falling from the sky. And when it’s snowy, snowflakes will fall from the sky and accumulate on the ground.

The Foggy setting is a bit different from the other three settings. When this setting is enabled, visibility will be reduced and it will be harder to see players who are far away. This setting is perfect for players who want to set up ambushes or sneak up on enemies without being seen.

Players can change the weather in Fortnite Creative mode by selecting the “Edit” option on their game controller and then pressing “Weather”. From there, they can choose which setting they want to use.

Fortnite’s Competitive Scene

Fortnite’s competitive scene has been on the rise ever since the game’s release in 2017. With the game’s popularity only increasing with each passing year, it’s no surprise that more and more professional gamers are looking to get their Fortnite fix.

Fortnite’s Future

The highly popular game Fortnite has been enthralling players for over two years now. The game has seen constant updates and changes, keeping players hooked for hours on end. However, one thing the game has been lacking is a Weather Update. This could be due to the lack of a Season 4 Battle Pass, as Season 3 just ended.

While there is no official word from Epic Games, the developers of Fortnite, it is safe to say that a Weather Update is coming to Fortnite in the near future. With the release of Season 4 just around the corner, it would make sense for Epic Games to add a Weather Update to keep players engaged.

So when can we expect the long-awaited Weather Update? While there is no official word from Epic Games, it is safe to say that the update will come out sometime in Season 4. Stay tuned for more information!


In conclusion, the scheduled weather update for Fortnite should be coming soon. However, it is difficult to say exactly when it will arrive as Epic Games has not given a specific date. The good news is that the update will bring a much-needed change to the game that will make it more enjoyable for everyone.


Q: When is the weather update coming to Fortnite?
A: The weather update is scheduled to release on December 11th.

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