What Is The Weather Like In Atlanta?

The weather in Atlanta is wonderfully diverse. You can experience all four seasons here, although the winters are relatively short. Spring and fall are both beautiful, with mild temperatures and plenty of sunshine. And of course, summer is the perfect time to enjoy all the city has to offer, from festivals to outdoor concerts.

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The Weather in Atlanta

The Weather in Atlanta is usually warm, humid, and rainy. The summers are hot and humid, with occasional thunderstorms. The winters are mild, with occasional cold snaps. Atlanta’s elevation keeps it cooler than other Southern cities.

The Different Seasons in Atlanta

Atlanta generally has four distinct seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter. However, the city experiences more moderate temperatures than many other places in the United States because it is located in the southern portion of the country.

Spring in Atlanta generally lasts from late March until early May. The average temperature during this time is around 66 degrees Fahrenheit (19 degrees Celsius). There are occasional showers and thunderstorms during spring, but overall the weather is pleasant.

Summer in Atlanta is hot and humid, with average temperatures ranging from 86 to 89 degrees Fahrenheit (30 to 32 degrees Celsius). The city experiences frequent thunderstorms during summer, so it is advisable to pack an umbrella when traveling during this time of year.

Fall in Atlanta lasts from early October until late November. The weather during this time is mild, with average temperatures in the low 70s Fahrenheit (around 21 degrees Celsius). Fall is a beautiful time to visit Atlanta as the leaves on the trees change color.

Winter in Atlanta generally lasts from December until February. The average temperature during winter is around 51 degrees Fahrenheit (11 degrees Celsius), but it can occasionally dip below freezing. Snowfall is not common in Atlanta, but it does occasionally happen.

The Temperature in Atlanta

The weather in Atlanta is very hot and humid in the summer, with temperatures often reaching or exceeding 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius). In the winter, temperatures rarely drop below freezing and snow is rare.

The Humidity in Atlanta

The humidity in Atlanta is famous, and sometimes it seems like the air is actually made of water. The truth is, the air can hold a lot of moisture, and when it’s humid, that means there’s a lot of water in the air.

The relative humidity is the amount of moisture in the air compared to how much moisture the air can hold. So, when the relative humidity is 100%, that means the air is completely full of water and can’t hold any more.

In Atlanta, the average relative humidity in July is about 80%. That means that on a typical day in Atlanta, the air is 80% full of water. That may not sound so bad, but when it’s 90 degrees outside, 80% humidity feels a lot like 100% humidity!

The Rainfall in Atlanta

The rainfall in Atlanta is plentiful, with an annual precipitation of over 50 inches. The city experiences around 150 days of rain per year, so pack your raincoat! The majority of the rain falls between the months of April and September. Atlanta is also susceptible to severe thunderstorms and tornadoes.

The Snowfall in Atlanta

While Atlanta is not known for its heavy snowfall, the city does see snow on average 2-3 times a year. The most snowfall in one day happened on January 23, 1940, when 6.4 inches of snow fell.

The Storms in Atlanta

Storms in Atlanta can be fierce, but they are usually over quickly. The city is known for its severe thunderstorms, which can bring high winds, large hail, and flash flooding. Atlanta is also susceptible to tornadoes, although they are typically not as destructive as those in the Midwest.

The Wind in Atlanta

The average wind speed in Atlanta is 10.4 miles per hour. The highest wind speed was 37 miles per hour on February 12, 2018.

The Sunshine in Atlanta

The Sunshine in Atlanta
Atlanta has a generally mild climate, with average high temperatures ranging from the mid-50s in January to the low 90s in July. The city sees an average of 50 inches of rainfall each year, with the bulk of that precipitation falling between March and November. Snowfall is relatively rare in Atlanta, but the city does see an occasional light dusting. If you’re lucky enough to be in Atlanta when the weather is just right, you’ll experience one of the most beautiful cities in the country.

The Best Time to Visit Atlanta

The best time to visit Atlanta is in the spring or fall, when the weather is mild and there are fewer crowds. However, there are plenty of things to do in Atlanta year-round, so you can visit anytime! Here’s a quick guide to the weather in Atlanta by season:

Spring (March-May): Average temperatures in the spring range from 50-70 degrees Fahrenheit (10-21 degrees Celsius). This is a great time of year to visit Atlanta if you want to enjoy the outdoors, as the weather is perfect for hiking, biking, and other activities. The flowers are also in bloom during this season.

Summer (June-August): Temperatures in the summer can range from 70-90 degrees Fahrenheit (21-32 degrees Celsius). This is the busiest time of year in Atlanta, so be sure to book your hotel room in advance if you’re planning a trip during this season. While it can be hot during the day, the evenings are usually pleasant, making it a great time to explore the city’s nightlife scene.

Fall (September-November): Temperatures in the fall range from 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit (15-27 degrees Celsius). This is one of the best times of year to visit Atlanta, as the weather is perfect for exploring all that the city has to offer. The leaves also start to change color during this season, making for some beautiful scenery.

Winter (December-February): Temperatures in the winter range from 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit (10-15 degrees Celsius). While it’s not quite beach weather, this is still a great time of year to visit Atlanta if you don’t mind bundling up a bit. You’ll find that many of the city’s attractions are less crowded during this season.

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