What Happened To Intellicast Weather?

Intellicast and Weather Underground have merged. We started diverting visitors from Intellicast.com to wunderground.com in January. Despite the fact that the Intellicast brand and website will be retired, the technology and services you’ve come to depend on will live on at wunderground.com.

Similarly, Does Weather Underground still exist?

The Weather Underground Web site, which is independent from The Weather Channel’s main site, weather.com, continues to function with its current crew.

Also, it is asked, What happened to Weather Underground on the Weather Channel?

YCC has issued a notification. Weather Underground isn’t going away any time soon. WU and weather.com are part of The Weather Company, an IBM business dedicated to developing weather research and technology and reporting the science underlying climate and weather.

Secondly, Who has the best weather radar?

The 7 Best Free Weather Radar Websites and Apps in 2022 The Weather Channel is a television network that broadcasts weather information. Windy. AccuWeather. Weather Underground is a weather forecasting service. WeatherBug. Weather Radar from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). RadarScope is our favorite paid app. Dark Sky is the runner-up paid pick.

Also, Is Weather Underground Free?

The free Weather Underground Android app satisfies geeky data cravings without compromising attractive design. For Android weather applications, it’s an Editors’ Choice. Weather Underground is dedicated to provide as much weather information as possible, as rapidly as possible.

People also ask, Did Weather Underground get bought?

The Weather Company’s B2B, mobile, and cloud-based online businesses, including WSI, weather.com, Weather Underground, and The Weather Company brand, were acquired by IBM today in a formal agreement.

Related Questions and Answers

What happened to Weather Underground on The Weather Channel 2021?

It seems to have just dropped “Weather Underground.” What happened to it? In November, the Weather Channel reshuffled some of its programming. The nighttime program was renamed “Storm Center.” From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on weekdays, “Weather Underground” will air.

Why did The Weather Channel move Weather Underground?

In the 1990s, the corporation shifted the majority of its operations from Ann Arbor to San Francisco due to lower bandwidth costs, according to Masters. The Weather Channel announced in a news statement that wunderground.com would continue to function and that its staff will join The Weather Channel Companies.

Does IBM own The Weather Channel and Weather Underground?

Weather.com and Weather Underground are owned and operated by The Weather Firm, a weather forecasting and information technology company. Since 2016, The Weather Company has become a part of IBM’s Watson & Cloud Platform business segment.

Why did Jeff Masters Leave Weather Underground?

I realized just as I was leaving WU that “I’m not done yet.” From my home in Michigan, I want to continue writing about severe weather and climate change. However, as several have suggested, I do not want to create my own firm or write on my own website.

What is the most trusted weather site?

AccuWeather has been named the world’s most accurate source of weather forecasts and warnings, according to new proof of performance results.

Where does AccuWeather get its data?

Weather information is collected from a variety of sources, including weather observations and data acquired by the National Weather Service and meteorological organizations outside the United States, as well as information given by non-meteorological groups such as.

How reliable is Weather Underground?

Weather Underground and The Weather Channel had the greatest average accuracy throughout the nation in forecasting whether it will rain one to three days ahead of time in 2015, at over 84 percent.

What is the most accurate weather app?

The Top 6 Mobile Apps for Weather Forecasting in 2021 The Weather Channel App is the most accurate forecasting app in the world. The sky is dark. AccuWeather: Radar & Live Local Forecast RadarScope. Weather Underground is a weather forecasting service. Carrot Weather is a mind-blowingly powerful weather app.

Is Weather Underground App Safe?

The privacy policy of Weather Underground is possibly the most outstanding of the bunch: When you initially open it, it informs you that your information will be used to target advertisements.

Who owns Underground weather?

The International Business Machines Business (IBM) is an American global technology corporation based in Armonk, New York, with activities in more than 171 countries. Wikipedia

How much did The Weather Channel pay for Weather Underground?

In 2015, IBM reportedly paid $2 billion for the Weather Company. Weather Underground’s website and app, according to Melissa Medori, a Weather Company representative, “aren’t going away.”

How much did IBM pay for The Weather Company?

around $2 billion

Why is my weather station not showing on Weather Underground?

Make sure the Wundeground.com Upload option is selected. Check to make sure your Station ID and Key are right. It’s generally a mistake if AmbientWeather.net is OK but Wunderground.com isn’t updating.

Who has been at The Weather Channel the longest?

Jen Carfagno is a writer. Jen has covered all forms of harsh weather in the studio, behind the scenes, and out in the field during her more than 20 years with the network.

Why is Weather Underground offline?

It takes a day or two for your location to be added to the map if you were offline or are new to Wunderground.com. If Wunderground.com discovers a problem with your data’s Quality Control (weather station went offline for a period of time, or temperature is out of range when compared to other weather stations in your area).

When did IBM buy weather?

How did Weather Underground get its name?

The Weather Underground was a small, violent offshoot of Students for a Democratic Society, or SDS, a group founded in the turbulent 1960s to promote social change. Originally known as the Weatherman or Weathermen, a name derived from a line in a Bob Dylan song, the Weather Underground was a small, violent offshoot of Students for a Democratic Society, or SDS.

Did IBM sell The Weather Channel?

According to a recent survey, IBM and its subsidiary The Weather Company are still the most accurate weather prediction suppliers in the world. The Weather Channel’s digital assets, such as weather.com, are part of The Weather Company.

Who were the members of the Weather Underground?

The leaders of the Weather Underground (Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, Jeff Jones, and Celia Sojourn) collaborated on ideas and published Prairie Fire: The Politics of Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Anti-Imperialist Anti-Imperialist Anti-Imperialist Anti-Imperialist Anti-Imperialist Anti-Imperialist Anti-Imperialist Anti-Imperialist Anti-Imperialist Anti-Imperialist Anti-

What model is Weather Underground?

The data given is the 6-hour prediction from the AVN computer model, which is performed by the National Center for Environmental Prediction twice daily at 00 and 12 GMT (NCEP).

Where does Weather Underground get their data?

Our 250,000+ members give us with the rich data that makes our predictions and products so unique by contributing real-time data from their own personal weather sensors.

Why is AccuWeather so inaccurate?

This is due to three key factors. The existing situation isn’t precisely “bad.” Because your phone isn’t a weather station, it must rely on data from a weather station. The first reason your current weather may differ from your app is because you may be located far away from the nearest weather station.

Who runs AccuWeather?

Dr. Joel N. Myers, the creator of AccuWeather, is included in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Encyclopedia of Entrepreneurs as one of America’s greatest entrepreneurs.

Is AccuWeather trustworthy?

AccuWeather was the most accurate service for both 24-hour high- and low-temperature predictions, with the lowest average absolute error and the highest percentage of forecast accuracy within 3 degrees of actual temperature readings.

Why are weather apps always wrong?

They may be caused by the use of various data sources, data quality control, the space and time scale for which the information is valid, rendering of the information, or the user’s perception of the information.”


Intellicast was a weather app that had an excellent 10-day forecast. It also had some of the best graphics for its time and it was one of the most popular apps on both iOS and Android.

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Accuweather is a weather app that provides forecasts for the United States, Canada, and Mexico. It has been around since 1979. Intellicast Weather was an alternative to Accuweather. The company started in 2004 and went out of business in 2016. Reference: accuweather.

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