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Now (updated: a few seconds ago)

86ºF Partly cloudly day

Partly cloudy with a 7 mph breeze


Precipitation 3% Humidity 50%

High 86° at 10 minutes ago Low 68° at 12 hours ago

  • in an hour 85º Partly cloudy with a 7 mph breeze


Partly cloudy throughout the day.

High 93° Low 74°

Partly cloudly day
  • in 2 hours 85º Mostly cloudy with a 6 mph breeze
  • in 3 hours 83º Mostly cloudy with a 5 mph breeze
  • in 4 hours until in 6 hours 78º Overcast with a 5 mph breeze
  • in 7 hours 77º Overcast with a 4 mph breeze

Wednesday, Jul 17th

Rain in the evening and overnight.

Precipitation 77% 7 mph

High 92° Low 77°

Thursday, Jul 18th

Humid and mostly cloudy throughout the day.

Precipitation 73% 8 mph

High 87° Low 76°

This week

Heavy rain on Wednesday through next Monday, with high temperatures rising to 100°F on Saturday.

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